meTom Boomershine has been a United Methodist pastor for over 20 years.  Through his ministry, Tom has coached over 100 people in their relationships, life transitions and career transitions.  He is currently in the process of becoming an Associate Certified Coach through the ICF.

Cursed with the gift of an inquisitive mind, Tom’s hobbies have ranged from music, brewing beer, reading/writing, storytelling, weight lifting, and other forms of exercise.  At the ripe age of 48 years old, he has realized that in order to do anything well he must focus.  As such, the martial art Aikido has become his primary hobby in which he will have a black belt soon.

The love of his life is Winter Boomershine.  His other loves include his three children; Mario, Nina & Ella and two grandchildren; Thomas & Giovanni.  Tom is currently the pastor of DeWitt United Methodist Church in DeWitt, Iowa.

I believe everyone has unique gifts given by our

creator to be used for a purpose