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Would you like to increase your health, wellness and happiness in life? Together we can embark on a journey to design a life of your choosing in order for you to live life to your fullest potential and experience more joy each day. Let’s bridge the gap between where you are to where you are going!

After Ever After

Tom’s new “how-to” book on finding and keeping the love of a lifetime. With humor, straight talk, poignant stories and more than ten exercises, Tom shows how to prepare yourself for a long term, comitted relationship. Currently in production with the publisher.

EcoSphere Blog

Exploring the most recent research, insights and personal discoveries on what creates greater health, joy and wellness in life.  Topics include health, food, spirituality, and intimacy.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Tom during our premarital counseling in 2014 and, later, as a life coach. Tom is extremely relatable, and his viewpoints are very balanced and broad. Working with him as a life coach has allowed both of us to grow in our approach to dealing with life’s obstacles. Our sessions help Andy think in manageable steps to accomplish his goals, and they help Allison to diagnose the things in her life that need some extra attention and face them head on. Tom does a great job of giving guiding advice without judgment. We are grateful for our weekly time with him.”

Andy & Allison McGuire

“I engaged Tom Boomershine as my coach this year to help me through some professional and personal sticking points. I’m very happy with the insights I’ve gained by working with Tom, and happy with the results I got from applying them to my work and life. Tom has a very personable, joyful and positive approach to coaching. He has deep experience working with people from all walks of life, and I felt as though I was working with someone I’d known for decades instead of months. Anyone who takes on Tom as a coach is making a really smart decision because he brings results.”

Alexander Kosnik

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